Portfolio Analysis //

Portfolio Metrics

The real estate portfolio of Ble Kedros consists of 36 assets, with total market value of €111.640.700 and total area of buildings 51.430 sq.m. and of plots 82.215 sq. m. The annual rent income revenue amounts to € 7.172.000, generating a yield of 8,5 % for leased property.

Basic Portfolio Sizes
Number of Assets 36
Market Value (€) 111.640.700
Annualized Rental Income (€) 7.172.000
LTV (%) 0,6%
Yield of Leased Properties 8,5%
Area of buildings (sq. m) 51.430
Area of plots (sq. m) 82.215

Note: The numerical values (areas, values) included in the tables and diagrams are rounded. with regards to properties which include a plot with a building, only the building area is measured.

Since its establishment in 2014, Ble Kedros has been expanding its portfolio every year by investing in new real estate assets.